Baylor Bears vs Arkansas Razorbacks – A House Divided

We have a fun (and challenging) project in the works – a reversible baby quilt for a divided house!


So that means 2 quilt tops – the new owners (a Baylor Bears mama and an Arkansas Razorbacks dad) will have to decide which top to use.  We duplicated the green and yellow pinwheel pattern from our Baylor / Oregon baby quilt and we added a simple 4″ red / white / pink patchwork to the back.



Accurate seams and detailed pressing are in order.  We are now pin basting very carefully and contemplating our quilting strategy.  I think we will be going with 3/4″ intersecting straight stitches in order to create a beautifully textured quilt.  Now back to the floor – I have more pin basting to do!  Thank goodness for the Kwik Klip!


Final quilt pics coming soon! Thanks for stopping by!


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