Bricks: A Valentine’s Day Custom Quilt Order

Love, love, love!  I LOVE this quilt!!!  Mom and I had a great time these past few weeks designing and creating a beautiful custom quilt for an amazing client.

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt - Feature Image

Bricks: A Custom Quilt Order

Late last month, our client reached out to us to see if we could help her design + create a custom quilt for Valentine’s Day.  Our client knew she wanted a throw-sized quilt made up of the First Crush collection by Sweetwater, but she needed our help to design the quilt.

First Crush Fabric

But before we get into the “how-to” part of the quilt design process, we need to talk a little bit about First Crush by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics.

First Crush is all about XOXO’s, words of love, and Hearts.  These tidbits of love are coordinated in stunning reds, blacks, greys, and creams. 

First Crush by Sweetwater - Lindy J Quilts

You’ll find fun hounds tooth patterns mixed with text + geometric shapes.  The whole collection is cheerful, modern, whimsical, and sweet.  And it is definitely filled with love!

Bricks Pattern + EQ8

In order to see the First Crush collection in multiple quilt layouts, we used EQ8 (Electric Quilt 8) to draft up a handful of renderings for our client. 

We love this part of the process!

EQ8 is AWESOME for visualizing quilt designs and incorporating custom fabrics into those designs.

We loaded up the First Crush collection images into EQ8 and then we played around with all kinds of designs.  We tried triangle designs, half rectangle triangles designs, and eventually landed on our Bricks Quilt Pattern.

Bricks Quilt | Beginner Quilt | Lindy J Quilts

Bricks was the perfect fit for First Crush.  The 3”x 6” bricks are offset by 1” black mortars.  The mortars frame the bricks beautifully and you are treated to all the wonderful fabric detail.

Bricks: The Quilt Size

Once we settled on the quilt design, we worked with our client for the best size option for her.  Our client wanted something big enough to snuggle with on the couch, but not too big. 

This quilt measures 62” x 72”.  And although that’s a very manageable size, it still meant lots of cutting, sewing, and pressing! 

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern (5)

We needed two 10” packs of the Sweetwater fabric, a couple yards of Kona in Black, and we had to cut 400+ units! 

Not to mention, we also had to get several yards of backing fabric, batting, and binding fabric. 

Our Bricks Pattern was so useful at this point because it has all the fabric requirements for this sized quilt!

We assembled all of the brick units, laid them out on our floor, and then went about the task of assembling the units into rows and eventually the quilt top.

Bricks: Quilting and Finishing

Once the top was assembled and pin basted, we opted to quilt this quilt with simple straight-line quilting.  We quilted a 1” grid all over the quilt. 

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern Quilting
Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern Quilting

The quilting came out even better than we expected.  The quilt is soft and warm, and the quilting gave it added depth and volume.

For the quilt back, we used the red hearts colorway fabric from the collection and we bound the quilt with the black and cream striped fabric – also from the collection.

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern Quilting
Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern Quilting

We machine-stitched our binding to make the quilt polished and professional.  And voila!  We have a lovely quilt!

Bricks: The Time Frame

I’m not gonna lie, this quilt took a lot of time and patience (I guess all quilts do!) and we had about 4 weeks to create the quilt. 

But, the good thing about Bricks is that Bricks is an easy quilt to make.  Yes, it’s tons of cutting, sewing, pressing, basting, BUT with careful planning, scheduling, and work batching sessions, we were able to get this quilt shipped to our client in time for Valentine’s Day!

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern (5)

Bricks the Quilt Pattern: Easy Pattern Bundle Available

You can find our Bricks Pattern in our shop, but we also have it bundled up with 2 other beginner-friendly quilt patterns.  

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern Quilting

That bundle is available in our shop as well.  This bundle of patterns perfectly represents how we feel about quilts in general: Simple Blocks can create Stunning Quilts!

Custom Quilt Orders: Message Us!

Feel free to message us to see if building a quilt together is right for you!  We absolutely enjoy partnering up with our clients to create the quilt of their dreams and we’d love to work with you.

Now it’s off to the studio to design + create some more quilts and patterns! 

Take care and we’ll talk soon!

Jenn + Linda

P.S.  Our etsy shop has finished quilts in addition to pdf quilt patterns!  Check those out if you are looking to see if we have something perfect for you!

Bricks - Lindy J Quilts - Easy Quilt Pattern (5)

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