Dreamy Diagonals! a Finished Indian Hatchet Quilt

Our latest simple + stunning quilt is finished and we are so excited to share all the details with you! Plus – we’ve created a quilt pattern that walks you through all the steps to make your own Indian Hatchet quilt!

This baby quilt is all about finding delight, serenity, and peace – and despite a quilting do-over (that was anything but delightful), we have a finished quilt!

Indian Hatchet Quilt Block

When we set out to make a baby quilt using the Indian Hatchet quilt block, we didn’t realize that what we thought would be a “simple” block would actually be somewhat of a learning experience!

Keeping with our simple + stunning quilting philosophy, the Indian Hatchet Design was the perfect fit. And there are so many amazing ways to lay out this block!  We opted to lay our blocks all in one direction, but we learned after our first attempt at this quilt, that we needed to take the bias into account.

We learned the hard way that if the center block was cut on the straight-grain of the fabric, the Indian Hatchet quilt block is susceptible to stretch during quilting. And for us, that resulted in an un-squareable quilt.

We started over and changed our cutting technique for the center square. We cut all our 4 1/2″ squares on the bias and that method significantly reduced the stretch.

And we now have a finished baby quilt!

Indian Hatchet Quilt Block

This quilt’s inspiration came from a collection of low volume designer prints we received from our subscription to Westwood Acres Inside Voices Fabric Club.

Indian Hatchet Fabric Collage

We wanted to take a break from bright colors and create a soft, sweet, yet modern baby quilt. These fabrics were the perfect fit. 

Stitched with a palette of soft browns, pinks, and yellows – if you look closely, you may find a curious woodland creature peeking out at you as if saying hello!

Once we discovered how to properly construct this block for the way we wanted to lay it out, we were off to the races we created a beautiful (and perfectly squared up) baby quilt.

This baby quilt is quilted with straight stitches in all the seams of the blocks.  We added additional quilting to ¼”on each side and on the diagonal strips.

Indian Hatchet Quilt Block

Back + Binding

The back and binding are Luminous from Art Gallery Fabrics Printemps collection, and if you’ve ever experienced Art Gallery Fabrics fabric, then you know that this quilt is soft, silky, and light-weight!

Indian Hatchet Quilt Block

Indian Hatchet Quilt Pattern Now Available

We created a free tutorial for the Indian Hatchet quilt block, but we also packaged up all the how-to’s, along with fabric requirements and finishing instructions, into a downloadable pdf quilt pattern – available in our shop.

Our Indian Hatchet Quilt Pattern provides you with:

  • Easy-to-read step-by-step instructions.
  • Fabric Requirements for quilts ranging in size from baby to queen.
  • Additional Cutting Instructions if you opt to cut your center square on the bias.
  • 4 Layout Options.
  • Finishing Instructions.

And as a bonus, you end up with lots of HST’s you can use in another quilt project! More on what we’re doing with ours is coming soon!

Disclaimer! If you decide to make your own Indian Hatchet quilt, we recommend that if you’re new to quilting, start with a smaller quilt!

There is a lot of piecing, sewing, and pressing, but it’s so worth it in the end!  Once you have your quilt blocks constructed, the quilt does come together fairly quickly.

Indian Hatchet Baby Quilt Available in Our Shop

Our one-of-a-kind Indian Hatchet baby quilt is a sweet + cozy addition to baby girl’s nursery and is available for sale in our shop.  This serene + dainty baby quilt will fit seamlessly into a soft, warm nursery and is perfect for snuggling + tummy time. 

Click here to check out the baby quilt listing.

So What’s Next?

This quilt pattern is so versatile and we look forward to making another one – perhaps in bold colors next time around?

But in the meantime, we’re putting all the HST’s we accumulated to good use! Stay tuned!

Jenn + Linda

Indian Hatchet Bonus HST's
What to make with all these HST’s????

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