Best Press: Get Rid of That Fabric Fold Crease For Good!

We see you, Dreaded Fabric Fold Crease.  And we’re going to defeat you once and for all!!!!  We have a new secret weapon: Best Press.

How to get rid of fabric fold line

After a fun day of fabric shopping, there’s nothing worse than finding the inevitable and unsightly fold down the center of your fabric.   

Best Press Quilt Spray - How to Get Rid of Fabric Fold Crease

You try to press it, starch it, steam it – that dang fold keeps on coming back. 

Trust us, we have tried all.the.ways to press this fold away.  First, we try a dry iron, because we think using steam can possibly stretch the fabric. 

Best Press Quilt Spray - How to Get Rid of Fabric Fold Crease

Yeah, that doesn’t work.  The fold does get a little fainter, but that stinker is still there.  So, we throw the caution of fabric stretching to the wind and use steam (and lots of it).  We press and press.  We press on the front side and then the back side of the fabric.  We do this over and over.  Fold mark is still there!!!

Best Press Quilt Spray - How to Get Rid of Fabric Fold Crease

No amount of ironing with or without steam ever gets rid of the fold.  Starch kind of works, but you still have a faint fold line.

One work-around has been to cut our quilt pieces around the fold.  Because who wants a fold skewing your quilt piece measurements??

But we have learned that if you use this method, you can lose a lot of fabric!  And sometimes this method makes cutting difficult and/or impossible.  Ugh!

That dang fabric fold line gets the best of us every time!

We had heard a little bit through our quilting friends about some quilting urban legend called “Best Press,” but we hadn’t tried it out.  Best Press isn’t something we have in our local grocery stores, and if you read this blog post, you will see that we don’t get to quilt shops very often.

But that all changed during our Quilt Shop Hop a couple of weeks ago.  Some kind of quilting divine intervention introduced us to Best Press.   

When we first saw Best Press on the shelf, we looked at each other and said, “Could it be THE elusive Best Press??”  And that was followed up with a: “Wow, this stuff is expensive!!”  (Best Press is $11 vs. $2 Spray Starch).

Despite its cost, Mom and I decided to give Best Press a go.

Per the instructions, I shook the bottle and then sprayed the fold.  The fabric became pretty soaked since the spray is coming from a spray bottle, not an aerosol. 

P.S. I do wish the spray was a little more “mistier.”  The bottle we have dispenses the Best Press is rather big, wet droplets, but it dried quickly under the iron. 

Voila!!  When I lifted the iron, the fold was gone: 

Best Press Quilt Spray - How to Get Rid of Fabric Fold Crease

WOW!!!  What?!?!?  We have finally defeated that fabric fold line!!!   Right about now I am thinking Best Press is now one of my best quilting friends.  Cost be darned, this stuff works! 

Sure, Best Press soaks my fabric, makes the fabric a little stiff, and costs as much as a nice lunch out, but it does not sprinkle my fabric with white flakes like spray starch.  And most importantly, my FABRIC CREASE NEMESIS IS GONE!!

We went on my merry way and used the Best Press to remove the fold marks from the fabrics on our quilt project. 

But a dark cloud covered my Best Press adoration.  While working on my quilt top, I noticed something “off” on one of my pieces.

Best Press Quilt Spray - How to Get Rid of Fabric Fold Crease

What the heck is that terrible yellow/orange stain???

After some sewing room crime scene investigation, we found the culprit.

You see, after the iron cooled from our previous Best Press pressing, we used the iron again.  There was scorched Best Press residue leftover on the iron!  That’s what left a lovely brown stain on our fabric. 

We re-read the directions on the bottle and sure enough it says to clean the iron plate before each use.  Oopsie!!! 

We easily removed the residue on the iron with a wet cloth and we were good to go.

So here’s the deal, we will continue to use the Best Press to remove those persistent fold marks, but for our quilts, I don’t think we really need  Best Press to piece an entire top.  If you’re looking for lots of hold and stability with your piecing, then Best Press may be a good option for you.

Best Press Takeaways

Be sure to A. shake that spray bottle before you spray and B. clean your iron plate after and before each use!

There are lots of online shops you can find Best Press.  We prefer the “scent-free” option, but they do offer several scents.

So in short, Best Press does not mess around!  Well, it does actually if you forget to wipe it off your iron, but you know what I mean!

Don’t let that fabric fold crease get between you and your quilting!

Happy Quilting!

Jenn + Linda

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