Doorway Beads! A Quilt Pattern

Strings of doorway beads are bright, fun, and colorful!  They brighten a room and they’re so fun to walk through! As soon as we saw the V Block Ruler by Deb Tucker, we knew we could recreate the doorway beads effect in a quilt.

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

The Ruler

Before I go on about our latest quilt, I’d like to give Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler a quick shout-out.

Deb Tucker's V Block Ruler
Click Here to Buy Ruler

This specialty ruler makes cutting the Vs a breeze, and this one ruler can be used for any size block your design requires.

Design a V Block Quilt in EQ8

Want to see how your fabrics look in a Doorway Beads Quilt?  Then you should use your Electric Quilt 8 to whip up a quick mockup of your Doorway Beads Quilt! Click here to check out our EQ8 Tutorial.

The V Block How-To Video Tutorial

We’ve made a quick video tutorial that walks you through the whole V Block construction – from cutting to trimming. Click here to watch how fun this ruler is! 

The Doorway Beads Quilt

Ok, it’s time to talk about The Doorway Beads Quilt! We arranged the V blocks to create a groovy Bohemian inspired doorway bead quilt that is “right on”. 

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

Doorway Beads is modern, elegant, simple, and oh yeah – the finished quilt is available in our shop!

Doorway Beads Quilt

Featured Finished Quilt measures: 52” x 64”

The Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

Ok, it’s time to talk about the QUILT PATTERN!!

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern is available in our shop! The pattern comes in a digital download that is immediately available upon purchase.

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern is for 4” square V Blocks that make 4” x 8” diamonds, but you can make the squares bigger or smaller.  The ruler goes up to 6” finished.

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern is a versatile and beginner-quilter-friendly pattern.

The Digital Pattern comes in 5 sizes:

  • Baby 44” x 56″
  • Toddler 52” x 64”
  • Throw 60” x 72”
  • Small Twin 68” x 80”
  • Twin/Full 76” x 88

Our Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern offers professional instructions including Fabric Requirements, Cutting Instructions, Block Assembly, Quilt Assembly, and Diagrams.

The Fabric

If you’re curious about the beautiful fabric we used in our Doorway Beads quilt, it’s Lella Boutique’s Garden Variety by Moda. You’ll find all the good stuff: flowers, geometric shapes. and the occasional bumble bee – all in coordinating navy, yellow, green, coral, turquoise .

Doorway Beads is a fabulous way to use that Fat Quarter Stash you’ve been hoarding – I mean storing in your stash – just find a neutral coordinate for the side triangles that makes your collection pop.  We used Riley Blake’s Swiss Dots in Navy, what would you use for yours?

Doorway Beads

The dotted swiss fabric adds to the illusion of the beads swinging in the doorway.

Use those scraps!  The more variety the better. 

Why YOU Need to Make a Doorway Beads Quilt

There’s nothing we love more than a quilt that squares up and this quilt squared up beautifully! The trimming function on the ruler sets you up for squared-up success!

Also, there’s so much more you can do with this V Block Ruler! You can be sure more Doorway Beads quilts are in our future.

We can’t wait to see what you create with The Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

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Jenn + Linda

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

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