5 Reasons a Quilt Makes the Perfect Graduation Gift

From the University of Arkansas to Mizzou to Ohio State, we have made our fair share of graduation quilts!  We’ve made an Orange + White quilt for a Vols fan, a Red + Black quilt for a Dawgs fan, and an Orange + Blue quilt for a Gators fan.

So when our latest client reached out to us for an Orange + Purple Clemson quilt, we asked ourselves, “Why are college quilts the go-to gift for recent grads?” 

Reason #1: Graduation Quilts Embrace a (Sometimes Challenging) Collegiate Color Scheme.

Green + Yellow?

Black + Red?

Maroon + Gold (Sun Devils Shout Out!)?

Or in our case Clemson’s Purple + Orange???  Let’s be honest, sometimes college colors can be tough to coordinate! 

Thankfully we have an awesome Basket Weave Quilt Pattern that is perfect for pairing such dissimilar colors together.  The 4” x 6” rectangle is framed by 1” white borders, so there’s enough space for the colors and prints to play.

Graduation Quilt Gift Idea

Reason #2: Graduation Quilts Incorporate Personal + Unique Touches.

Graduation Quilts provide an opportunity to put a time stamp on where your grad at this particular point in his or her life. 

For our Clemson quilt, you will find sunglasses, shoes, perfume bottles, butterflies, and flowers peeking out at you.  All of those elements are beloved by this quilt’s graduate.  Our Clemson quilt is a quilty mood board that will remind her of where she was in her life during 2019.

Graduation Quilt Gift Idea

Reason #3: Graduation Quilts are a Piece of Home

Graduation Quilts allow you to send your grad off to the real world with a piece of home.  Our client’s Clemson student will be traveling from Minnesota to South Carolina in the Fall and we wanted to include little reminders of her home.  In this quilt, you’ll find “Minnesotean” messages incorporated throughout.

Graduation Quilt Gift Idea

Reason #4: Graduation Quilts Lets Your Grad Know You Are Proud of Him / Her.

Every time your grad wraps him or herself in your quilt, it’s as if you’re giving them a proud + quilty hug from afar.

Graduation Quilt Gift Idea

Reason #5: Graduation Quilts Will Be There to Comfort Those Grads.

College is fun + challenging all at the same time. Your Graduation Quilt will be there to support your grad through all the ups and downs of college life.

You can rest assured that your grad has something warm from home for all the times: good + bad.

Graduation Quilt Gift Idea

Would You Like to Work With Us?

We’d love to work with you to create a special graduation gift for you soon-to-be-grad.  Contact us for a free consult and see if we can help you make a gift that is warm, unique, and full of school spirit!

Have you made a quilt that’s all about school spirit?  If so, tell us about in the comments below!

Personally, I’ve always been a little scared making a quilt out of my college’s colors (Arizona State is GOLD and MAROON – really?!?!), but maybe it’s time for me to face my fear and create a collegiate quilt for myself?

Jenn + Linda

P.S. If you’re curious on how we created the preliminary Basket Weave Quilt design in EQ8, you should check out this video blog post.

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