The World Needs More Pinwheels in its Life!

Who’s ready for some summertime snuggles? Our Summerchase Quilt Pattern is finally here!  Summerchase is an innovative way to use Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler to create a cheerful, modern pinwheel. 

Summerchase Quilt Pattern - V Block Quilt Pattern

Summerchase is inspired by all the warmth, cheer, and brightness that Summer brings, and you will find this fun digital pattern in our shop. 

Summerchase Quilt Patter - V Block Quilt Pattern

You’ll receive the quilt pattern via digital download immediately upon purchase.  Simply save it to your computer, print it out, or read it from your electronic device.  Easy breezy!

How to Prep for a Summerchase Quilt

Step 1. Grab a Copy of The Summerchase Pattern.

Even if you’re new to quilting or just looking for a fresh, yet simple block, Summerchase is perfect for you.

The Summerchase Quilt Pattern details step-by-step instructions for using Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler to create the 4” V Blocks that make up the Summerchase pinwheel. Pattern includes:

  • Clear and easy-to-read photos + diagrams so that you will successfully create a Summerchase quilt of your own.
  • Fabric requirements for sizes Baby to Twin.
  • Finishing instructions so that you have everything you need to finish your project.
Summerchase Quilt Pattern - V Block Quilt Pattern

Step 2. Grab Deb Tucker’s The V Block Ruler.

Once you get the hang of it, Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler is lots o’ fun!  The V blocks square up beautifully and your quilt top comes out square – and that’s always a good thing!

Step 3. Watch the V Block Tutorials.

Now, if you’re a visual learner, then you’ll love our video tutorials that compliment this quilt pattern.

And for all you Electric Quilt 8 nerds out there (you all are my quilt soul-mates!), if you want to see your fabrics play in this design, then you should watch a quick video on how we used EQ8 to design our Summerchase Quilt.

You will become a V Block expert in no time when you follow our videos and patterns!

The V Block Quilt Pattern Bundle

But you don’t have to stop at Summerchase!

If you looking for another way to use the V Block Ruler, then you should definitely check out our Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern.  This pattern walks you through all the steps to create modern diamonds that “hang” like doorway beads.

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

Bonus!  We have bundled Summerchase up with our Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern at a discounted price so that you have 2 unique options for your V Block ruler.  How fun is that?

Summerchase Quilt Patter - V Block Quilt Pattern

Our Finished Summerchase Quilt Details

The Summerchase Fabric

Summerchase displays a wide variety of fabrics – you can really get patchwork-y with this quilt!

Summerchase Quilt Patter - V Block Quilt Pattern

We used all Art Gallery Fabrics fabric with the bulk of the prints from Dana Willard’s Summerside collection. 

We love the play of the navy, orange, pink, yellow, and green.  The white fabric is Art Gallery Pure Elements in Snow and it frames this fabric collection beautifully. Don’t those colors pop?

We used 15 different 1/4 yards and just went crazy, but in a good way!

The Quilting, Quilt Back, and Binding

We kept the quilting simple and stitched an all-over straight-stitch 2” grid. 

Summerchase Quilt Patter - V Block Quilt Pattern

And let’s talk about that backing! This lovely print is from the same Summerside collection – we wanted to show off those beautiful large flowers!

The quilt binding is Squared Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics in Tangerine. Hmmm, tangerines sound good right about now…

Summerchase Quilt Patter - V Block Quilt Pattern
We have a binding tutorial! Click Here to watch it.

Buy This Summerchase Quilt!

You will find our Summerchase throw quilt available for sale in our shop – but hurry, there’s only 1 available! 

Now, go and make this quilt and get ready for some Summertime snuggles!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by our blog today!  If you like this post + want all our latest quilty tips, tricks, and inspiration, click here to join our Lindy J Quilts Community + subscribe to our email list!

Jenn + Linda

Summerchase Quilt Pattern - V Block Quilt Pattern
Summerchase Quilt Pattern - V Block Quilt Pattern

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