A Beginner’s Guide to Foundation Paper Piecing Design in EQ8

Are you ready to use EQ8 for foundation paper piecing but not sure where to begin?  Well, we’ve got you covered! 

This quick video post is an introduction on how to use Electric Quilt 8 to design a simple V Block for a foundation paper piecing pattern.

Introduction to foundation paper piecing in EQ8

Mom + I are super excited that we are branching out into the world of foundation paper piecing!

We’re learning all about the tools + techniques for successful paper piecing.

And we decided to use the V Block as our first foundation paper pieced quilt.

Yes, you can get pretty accurate V Blocks by using Deb Tucker’s V Block ruler, but we wanted to take this V Block up a notch for ultimate accuracy.

And we wanted to keep things reeaallly simple for our first foundation paper pieced quilt!

But before we could start on our latest quilt, we needed to print out V Block foundation paper pieced patterns. 

That’s where our trusty EQ8 comes into play!

Check out our quick video tutorial that will walk you through the steps needed to design the V Block paper piecing pattern and send it to your home printer.

We’re having so much fun learning all the ins and outs of foundation paper piecing and we’ll be sure to share our journey with you!

We hope you enjoyed this quick and easy EQ8 video tutorial! For more quilty tips, tricks + inspiration, be sure to subscribe to our email list!

HST Squared Free Quilt Pattern

Thanks for stopping by!

Jenn + Linda

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