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Hi!!  We are so glad you are here!

My mom (Linda) + I (Jenn) started up our quilting biz late 2016.   We are based out of Dunwoody, GA – just north of Atlanta. We are life-long sewing enthusiasts specializing in quilts + quilt patterns.

We believe simple blocks make the most amazing quilts.

Looking to make a unique gift for someone special?  We can help!  We design quilt patterns with simple blocks in mind.

Our quilt patterns are easy to follow.

Our quilts and patterns are unique + modern.

Quilts are amazing gifts.   

Think about all the babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, college students, parents, grandparents, + in-laws you know.  Wouldn’t a special hand-made and unique quilt be a perfect gift?

Quilts are not just bedding, they are lap quilts, tablecloths, picnic blankets, nap pallets, play mats, etc.

Our “shops” are always busy with projects.  We especially enjoy the project planning and designing (and fabric buying!).

We put a lot of love and pride into our quilts + patterns because we know these quilts we make will be cherished for years.

Feel free to reach out and tell us about your quilting journey!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Jenn and Linda

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