How to Use That HRT Ruler

As you will see when you scroll through this post, we here at Lindy J Quilts have a lot of fun using our Creative Grids Half Rectangle Ruler!

P.S. HRT = Half RECTANGLE Triangle – a distant cousin to the very famous HST.

Here are 3 quilts we’ve made (so far) with our HRT ruler:

How to Make HRT Quilt

Auburn: The Most Straight-Forward Cutting Strategy

Auburn Low Volume Baby Quilt

For our Auburn Quilt, cutting the HRT’s was easy breezy. Calculate how many HRT’s you need and sit back and have a cutting party.

Susi’s Boy and Della’s Diamonds: Not So Easy Breezy

Susis Boy Herringbone Quilt Pattern - Lindy J Quilts
Susi’s Boy
Dellas Diamonds Quilt Pattern - Lindy J Quilts
Della’s Diamonds Baby Quilt

But that wasn’t the case for Susi’s Boy and Della’s Diamonds. After cutting a few test HRT’s and laying them this way and that, we were dumbfounded. (Happens from time to time).

All our HRT’s were laying the same way and we couldn’t get them to line up into the patterns we wanted!

We needed some to lay to the right and some to lay to the left. What to do??

The HRT Solution

My poor brain couldn’t think of a way to reverse these dang HRT’s, but mom had the ah-ha!!! moment. Usually how it works around here.

She said: “Jenn, we should cut half our fabric UPSIDE DOWN!” Mom is definitely the MVP.

How to make HRT Quilt

BOOM- we were back at the races and next thing we knew, 3 HRT quilts done. 3 HRT quilt patterns, done.

The HRT Pattern Bundle

We love making these quilts so much we’ve packaged up Auburn, Susi’s Boy, AND Della’s Diamonds into a 3 pattern bundle.

And we’re offering the bundle at a discount in our shop!

How to Make HRT Quilt

And that’s how we roll sometimes here at LJQ HQ.

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Tell us about your HRT’s – love ’em, leave ’em?? One of your quilting to-do’s?


Jenn + Linda

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