Quick Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial

Have you ever ended up with extra quilt blocks? Well, if you have enough to make a 13″ x 17″ mini quilt, then you have enough to make a cute little coordinating pillow!

Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial

Quilted Pillowcase Step-By-Step Tutorial

Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
1. Get enough blocks to make 13″ x 17″ mini quilt top. In our case, we opted to go exactly 12″ x 16″ since our V Blocks measured up exactly.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
2. Cut a piece of quilting batting and a piece of backing fabric about an inch or so bigger than quilt top. Layer quilt top right side up, batting, and then backing (backing is right side down).
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
3. Pin baste together.
Quilted pillowcase tutorial
4. Quilt to your preference and then trim to 13″ x 17″.
In this case, we trimmed to 12″ x 16″ to get a tighter pillow fit.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
5. For the back, take a 14″ x 22″ piece of fabric and cut (2) 13″ x 10″ pieces.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
6. Fold one long edge of both pieces over 1/4″ and press.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
7. Fold over one piece another 1/4″ and press.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
8. Sew 1/8″ from edge.
9. For the other back piece, fold over another 1″ and press.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
10. Sew 1/8″ from edge and then again 3/4″ from edge. This piece is the piece that will be the top of the “envelope” for the pillowcase back.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
11. Time to layer that pillowcase! Quilted front lays right side up; layer back piece with 1″ hem; the layer back piece with 1/4″ hem.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
12. Sew 3/8″ from edge all around the pillowcase.
Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial
13. Trim corners, turn pillowcase right side out, press, and insert pillow form!

Free Quilted Pillowcase Tutorial – Digital PDF Download

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We hope you enjoyed this quick and easy quilted pillowcase tutorial! My daughters LOVE these little pillow and it’s so fun to make pillows that coordinate with your quilts.

Jenn + Linda

P.S. Want to know how we made those super cute V Blocks? Read all about our Doorway Beads Quilt!

Doorway Beads Quilt Pattern

Download Our Pillowcase Tutorial!

Pillow   2

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