Simple ‘V’ Blocks Make Stunning Quilts!

Have you ever gotten obsessed with a quilt block? Well, Mom + I might be slightly obsessed with ‘V’ Blocks right now! A ‘V’ Block is a simple block that has the potential to make a stunning quilt. And today we’re showing you how to use Deb Tucker’s V Block Quilting Ruler to make V Blocks!

How to use Deb Tucker's V Block Ruler

How To Use a V Block Ruler: Video Tutorial Available!

We’ve produced a 7 minute video tutorial that walks you through:

  • How to Cut the Triangles
  • How to Cut the Side Triangles
  • How to Sew the V Block Together
  • How to Trim the V Block Down to a Perfectly Squared Block

Deb Tucker’s V Block Ruler

Deb Tucker’s V Block Ruler is “v”ery fun!  The V Block Ruler has guides for your center and side triangle patches, AND it has this “trim-down” function that gives you perfectly squared V Blocks every time.

P.S. In case you missed it, last week we showed you how we designed a V Block Quilt in EQ8. Click Here to read all about that!

Mom + I are in the midst of finishing up our latest project and quilt pattern, and yes, it’s made up of V Blocks.

It’s a V Block Party over here!! Whoohoo! Check it out:

Doorway Beads Quilt
Doorway Beads Quilt Mock-up

This V Block Quilt is called “Doorway Beads” and we know you’re going to love it!  Pattern drops next week!

We hope you enjoy our tutorial! Tell us below if you think a V Block Quilt is next on your quilting bucket list!

Jenn + Linda

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