Are down quilts cruel?

Are down quilts ethical?

A naturally sustainable product, down is biodegradable and recyclable. … Finished with a piped gusset and superior Hungarian made cotton japara cover you will be sleeping soundly knowing your quilt is of the highest quality, ethically sourced down and feather.

Is live plucking legal?

Public sentiment in the U.S and the European Union countries opposes live plucking, and the practice of live plucking in Europe and the U.S. is illegal. Unfortunately, there are no sanctions to enforce the law in Europe.

How do you farm goose down?

Farmers usually harvest goose down after the birds are slaughtered for meat, and most geese are killed about 15 weeks after hatching. But farmers may also pluck the feathers when geese are still alive, a painful process akin to someone ripping out human hair, animal welfare and advocacy groups say.

Are goose down comforters ethical?

If the label says the comforter is made with 800 fill power and 85 percent European goose down, for example, it would actually have to meet those standards to be in compliance with ADFC certifications.

RDS vs. GTDS standards.

Ethical standard Responsible Down Global Traceable Down
Five Freedoms Yes Yes

Are goose down pillows ethical?

How to Find Ethical Real Down. The advocacy group Textile Exchange released the Responsible Down Standard in 2014. It prohibits live-plucking, force-feeding, and ensures that any product with the RDS logo is filled with 100% third-party audited and certified humanely-sourced down.

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Do birds get killed for down?

(Down is a by-product of the meat industry, and many birds used for down are also slaughtered for their meat and livers.) … The painful process tears the birds’ skin and can cause enough pain to kill the birds. China produces 70% of the world’s down, exporting about $1.9 billion annually.

Is North Face down cruelty free?

The RDS ensures that our down does not come from animals that have been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking, provides traceability in our supply chain, and helps validate and track the down used in The North Face products from farm to finished garment.

Does North Face support PETA?

“PETA’s award recognizes The North Face for its innovative efforts to provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with outerwear that’s durable, light, packable, machine-washable, and, best of all, Earth- and goose-friendly.”