Best answer: Do you have to weave in crochet ends?

How do you hide the ends of yarn when crocheting?

Ends should be hidden inside the stitches, preferably of the same color, so that they do not show. To make sure they do not pull out, weave them back and forth in multiple directions. Go vertically through the rows when you can, rather than horizontally through the stitches.

How do you hide the ends of yarn?

To hide yarn ends neatly and securely, thread the cut end into a tapestry needle and weave through the backs of the stitches, first in one direction, then go back in the opposite direction through other stitches. This will prevent the yarn from working loose when the item is stretched or laundered.

Does the magic knot ever come undone?

Essentially what you are doing is felting the two ends of the yarn together to form an even join. Here’s a very helpful video on how to Spit-Splice. Magic Knot: It truly is a magical knot that won’t come undone!

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