Best answer: What are Overlock needles used for?

What is the difference between overlocker needles and sewing machine needles?

Overlocker Needles. The needle or needles in an overlocker are extremely important and need to be straight and have no bashed points. Because of the speeds overlockers achieve their needle don’t last as long a sewing machine needle. They do need to be replaced more often for best results.

Can a regular sewing machine needle be used in a serger?

A serger may take a special needle such as an industrial needle with a flat or round shank. Other sergers may use the standard machine needle sizes 11/75 or 12/80 as well as special needles such as ballpoint, metallic or embroidery.

Do I need special needles for an overlocker?

Overlockers have two needles, although you don’t always need to use both needles depending on the stitch you require (more on this later). We recommend using overlocker needles and have a range available with detailed descriptions on which overlockers they are compatible with for quick and easy reference.

Do you need to use ballpoint needles on a serger?

Best needles when sewing knits on a serger

If the machine is an industrial, you should probably use industrial needles. As for type, a ballpoint is great, but I personally find that a universal needle often works fine too on a serger when sewing knits.

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What needles for Juki mo654de?

Uses size 11 or 14 machine needles.