Can you decoupage cardboard?

Can you Mod Podge on cardboard?

Can I Mod Podge Cardboard? You can absolutely Mod Podge cardboard! Cardboard is simply a fancy, fine grain paper mache in my mind. It’s made of kraft paper, which is made from soft wood pulp.

How do you Modge podge fabric onto cardboard?

Flip one of your sides up and apply a layer of mod podge as shown. Gently lay that flap onto the fabric and paint a small bit of mod podge around the interior edges. Smooth the fabric against the cardboard and pull it up and over onto the interior of the cardboard. Now for the corners.

How do you Modge podge pictures onto cardboard?

Attach the photos to the box using the decoupage medium and a paintbrush. Lay each photo where you’d like it to go. Brush over it with one layer of decoupage medium to secure it in place, or dab the medium onto the back of each photo to glue it onto the box. Arrange the photos artfully.

How do you fix decoupage mistakes?

How Do You Fix Decoupage Wrinkles? The only way to truly fix Decoupage wrinkles is to remove the paper from the surface and redo the Decoupage. Remove the paper by soaking a piece of cloth in warm water and wring it out until it is wet but doesn´t drip anymore, then lay it on the Decoupage and cover it with cling foil.

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How do you stick paper to cardboard?

What I do is use acrylic medium – apply it to BOTH the back of the paper and the cardboard you want to glue the paper on. Then carefully apply & push away bubbles. Use gloss medium – and if the result should not be glossy, seal with mat medium at the very end. I would suggest spray adhesive.