Frequent question: How do you make a buttonhole on a Brother sewing machine?

What is buttonhole style in sewing machine?

Machine buttonholes are simply two parallel zig zag stitching lines on either side of a slit. They are that simple. They do terrify many people. … But with the modern sewing machines, no one has to be.

Why is my button hole foot not working?

This is caused by sewing too many bartack stitches. Too many stitches and the bartack will jam in the foot or needle plate slot, restricting the fabric from feeding as the sides of the buttonhole are sewn. To avoid this problem, never sew more than five bartack stitches.

What does e3 mean on a Brother sewing machine?

The buttonhole or bar tack stitch was selected and the foot controller (or the start/stop button was pressed if the foot controller is not connected) while the buttonhole lever is raised. Lower the buttonhole lever before continuing the operation.

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