How do you attach half drilled beads?

What can I do with half drilled pearls?

Half Drilled Beads

This style of drill hole conceals the fitting making the bead the most prominent feature, it is perfect for making little stud earrings or adding a round bead/pearl feature on to a ring. Attach half drilled beads on to the peg findings with a little glue – we recommend Devcon 5 minute epoxy glue.

What are side drilled pearls?

Non-spherical beads, that are drilled from one side to the next, are referred to as side-drilled. Often, these beads have a front and back.

What do you call a bead without a hole?

Cabochons can be the heart of many designs, they do not have any holes and have a smooth finish to them. They typically have one flat side and a domed side. Simply glue cabochons into a setting, attach to a foundation and embellish around or use seed beads to bezel around the cabochon. The possibilities are endless.

What are beads with holes called?

Carrier Beads are rectangular Czech glass beads with two stringing holes. They come in two sizes and are perfect for showcasing on their own or you can decorate them with peyote stitch bands that fit around the unique shape of the beads wonderfully.

Do all beads have holes?

Every jewelry designer needs to know the hole size of the bead in the design. … Many glass beads are made from molds which include the hole for the bead. Potomac Exclusives. Because of this, many shapes and sizes of glass beads, especially Czech glass beads will have a very consistent hole size around .

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