How do you crochet a round doily?

How long does it take to make a doily?

The average time to crochet a doily is 12-16 hours from the patterns I’ve seen, but a very intricate thread doily could take longer. If you’re looking for a quick doily project, a lot of people like the filet crochet style.

Is it hard to crochet doilies?

Doilies are one of the most creative and detailed things you can crochet. If you’re just starting out and find it hard to work with thin crochet thread, try using double-knit yarn instead so you can easily see your stitches. Start with a small doily and work as many rounds as you like to make a more intricate piece.

What do you crochet doilies with?

People use thread crochet to make doilies and mandalas, crochet jewelry, and filet crochet art. Those who are ambitious can use thread to make large projects, even detailed crochet blankets.

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