How do you make curtain headings?

What is the header on a curtain?

A curtain heading is the top piece of the curtain that attaches to the curtain track or rod. The heading style you choose can dramatically change the overall look of your finished curtains and will influence the type of rod or track you can use.

What is a header tape on curtains?

Pencil Pleat, also known as Tape Top or 3” Tape curtains, is the standard heading for curtains and valances. Pencil pleat curtain heading usually consists of three rows of string threaded through it for three hook positions to suit all types of track and pole.

Are all curtain hooks the same?

Curtains use different types of curtain hooks depending on the type of curtain or and the type of rod on which it hangs. For example, pin hooks often are used to hang pinch pleated drapes but not on a standard type of rod.

How do you use curtain tape and header?

Turn under 1/2 inch along the top edge of the panel. Place the header tape on the back of the panel so the upper edge of the tape is 1/4 inch down from the fabric fold and the tape covers the raw edge of the fabric. Pin the tape in place across the width of the panel, allowing an extra inch of tape on each side.

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What is a buckram header?

Buckram heading is a strip of white or translucent stiffener that helps add a more defined shape to a drapery header. Buckram hides between layers of fabric and lining to create a sturdier header. This stiffener often backs a pleated style, such as pinch pleats, goblet pleats and Euro pleats, for example.

What is buckram material?

Buckram fabric is a stiff cotton that often incorporates strengthening elements such as glues. From book covers to hats, the strength of buckram fabric means that hard-wearing structures can be created with ease. Due to these great structural qualities, buckram is used in making or enhancing curtain designs.

What do you call curtains without eyelets?

Tracks and poles are practical items, used to hang curtains. … You can’t use eyelet curtains or tab top curtains with a curtain track. Curtain poles are usually made from metal or wood, and are more attractive thanks to their finials, which can range from simple styles to decorative.

What is the best heading for sheer curtains?

Modern and contemporary, a Wave curtain heading style creates a simple clean line which is perfectly suited to most solid, patterned and sheer fabrics.