How do you sew on a double needle?

Why does my twin needle skip stitches?

Often the reason for skipping stitches is that the needle does not fit the material. … There are special twin needles for knit fabrics, for woven fabrics, for jeans, for decorative embroidery stitches. 4. Sometimes the 2 thread spools should be unwinding in opposite directions.

Can you Backstitch with a twin needle?

Don’t backstitch or overlap your stitches. Leave long tails again before cutting. Give your hem a good tug. You’ll notice that the bobbin thread tails in particular may get a lot shorter.

How do you stop a twin needle from tunneling?

If you are still struggling with tunneling using a stabiliser can also help. Place a washaway or tearaway stabilier under the fabric as you stitch then remove accordingly once finished. If using a tearaway stabiliser take care not to stretch the fabric when removing the stabiliser.

Do you need two spools of thread for a twin needle?

Insert the new needle and tighten the screw. To thread the machine, you will need two spools of thread and one bobbin. … Thread the machine normally, making sure to separate the threads when you guide them through the tension disk. If you have separate guides near the needle shaft, put one thread through each.

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