Quick Answer: How do you adjust the width of a crochet blanket?

How do you fix a crochet blanket that is not wide enough?

There are other options to increase the width of a blanket, some of which you can do even before you pick up your crochet hook to start your project. Those include using a thicker yarn weight, a larger crochet hook, or starting with a longer foundation chain.

How do you increase the width of a crochet project?

How to Add Width to Crochet Blanket: 7 Simple Beginner Tips

  1. Use a larger hook.
  2. Get a thicker yarn.
  3. Scale up your stitches.
  4. Add rows.
  5. Utilize borders.
  6. Add up on the granny squares.
  7. Use math.
  8. What are the crochet blanket sizes?

Why is my crochet blanket border wavy?

One of the things that can happen when starting your border is that it can start to go wavy, But don’t panic! Most often this can be rectified simply by dropping down a hook size (or two) for the following rounds, this will ‘pull in’ your crochet, and tighten up the wavy edge.

How do you make crochet squares wider?

You can make it bigger by using a hook that is a few sizes bigger than the recommended size in the pattern. Using a larger hook will make larger stitches that will have more spaces between them. Larger stitches will make your crochet blanket broader and airier.

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How do you adjust the width of a crochet hat?

To make a hat bigger go up in hook size and go down a hook size to make it smaller. If the pattern calls for an I hook then try it with a J hook. Bigger hook= bigger stitches= bigger hat size.