Quick Answer: What does the seamstress do with the Ruby?

Who takes the ruby to the seamstress?

The Happy Prince sent a ruby for seamstress as he knew that her son was extremely ill and she had no money to feed him or to buy medicines for him. Thus, he sends a ruby for her. The swallow went with the ruby to seamstress’ house and when he reached there, he saw that seamstress was sleeping.

Why does The Happy Prince send a ruby for seamstress?

Answer: The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress because she was very poor and could not feed her child who was suffering from fever.

Why did the swallow lay the ruby on the table?

Answer: The seamstress was tired due to overwork. She was so poor that she could not buy oranges for her little sick son. … The swallow came to the poor woman’s house and laid the ruby on the table beside her.

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Why was the boy of the seamstress tossing on the bed?

On reaching the house he saw that the seamstress had fallen asleep because she was tired and the little boy was tossing feverishly on the bed. … The boy immediately felt cool, thought the fever must be improving and fell off to sleep.

What did the swallow do at the poor seamstress house?

What does the swallow do in the seamstress’ house? The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress as she was extremely poor and could not feed her child who was suffering from fever. On being convinced by the Prince, the swallow picked out the ruby from the sword and flew to the seamstress’ house.

What was the seamstress doing in the poor house?

Explanation: The Happy Prince chose to deliver the ruby to the seamstress because she was very poor and had a sick son that she could not provide adequate care for. Wilde describes the seamstress as having a “thin and worn” face with “coarse, red hands, all pricked by the needle.”

What happens when the swallow dies?

Answer: When the swallow died and fell near the Happy Prince’s feet, his leaden heart broke into two pieces. … The cold approached and affected the little swallow resulting in its death. The swallow’s death caused grief and broke the Prince’s heart in two.

Why did the swallow feel warm despite the weather being too cold?

When the swallow returns, he says that although the weather is cold, he feels quite warm. As the Prince explains, this is because the swallow has performed a good deed.

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What moved the Swallow’s heart?

Answer: Swallow’s heart got moved on seeing The Happy Prince helping the people selflessly. He parted with everything he had . He even gave away his eyes and became completely blind.

Why was the little swallow filled with pity?

answer ❤ the swallow filled with pity because the eyes of the happy prince were filled with tears and tears were running down his golden cheecks . his face was beautiful in moon light.

Who ordered to pull down the statue?

The Mayor ordered that the statue should be pulled down because it was neither beautiful now useful. The broken heart did not melt in the furnace. It was thrown away on a dust heap where the dead swallow was also lying. God asked the angels to bring the two most precious things in the city.

Why was the bird not able to sleep peacefully that first night?

Why was the bird not able to sleep peacefully that first night? Answer: Just as the bird was about to sleep, he was disturbed by three tear drops that fell from the eyes of the statue.

What happens when the little swallow is ready to sleep?

When the little swallow was getting ready to sleep a large drop of water fell on him. It was the Prince crying on seeing the misery and suffering of the people.

Where did the swallow decide to spend the night?

The Swallow decided to stay under the statue of the Happy Prince at night because it was high up, and so there was plenty of fresh air.

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What did his country call him when he was alive?

Answer: The courtiers called the prince ‘the Happy Prince‘ because he was always happy. When he was alive, he did not know what tears were for he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter.