What is a clamshell bead?

What is a clam clasp?

Gunmetal Clam Shell Clasps, also known as calottes or necklace ends, are a great way to finish the ends of various handmade jewellery projects. Giving a much neater finish than simply fastening around a jump ring or clasp and so give a nice professional look at minimum expense.

What are bead tips used for?

These bead tips are used to conceal knots at the ends of beaded strands and to connect the strands to the clasp. The standard style provides a loop with a hole in the bottom and an attachment loop.

What is a barrel clasp?

Barrel clasps are a great design element to complete and close your bracelet or necklace. This type of clasp is created by two metal barrel ends that screw into one another for a secure and stylish hold.

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