What is the deesis mosaic?

What is the Deësis mosaic made of?

It is the third mosaic panel situated in the imperial enclosure of the upper galleries. The Deësis mosaic is made from many tesserae, and is considered the finest in the Hagia Sophia.

When was the Deësis mosaic created?

Painted Copy of Deesis Mosaic late 1930s (original dated 1261–1300) The original mosaic displaying the Deesis (Christ flanked by the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist) was one of the finest works produced in Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.

What is a Deësis?

: a tripartite icon of the Eastern Orthodox Church showing Christ usually enthroned between the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist.

How was light used in Byzantine churches?

By the middle Byzantine period, light was being carefully used in churches in two ways: through management of the levels of natural lighting and through prescriptive artificial lighting.

Why was the deesis covered up?

Deesis is covered up because the church was a mosk so they covered or removed all crosses .

How do you spell deesis?

noun, plural de·e·ses [dee-ee-seez]. a representation in Byzantine art of Christ enthroned and flanked by the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist, often found on an iconostasis.

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