What is the other name of famous Kashmiri embroidery?

What is the other name for button hole stitch in Kashmiri embroidery?

Kashmiri stitches

The stitches include sozni (satin), zalakdozi (chain) and vata chikan (button hole).

Which embroidery is basically white?

Chikankari embroidery

An embroidery embroidery work which is done on thin cotton fabric. White thread on white fabric is the traditionally way of doing chikan work. But nowadays chikan work is being done in all colors.

Which country is famous for embroidery?

Traditional hand embroidery around the world

Traditional embroidery Origin materials
Aari embroidery India Aari needle, beads etc
Assisi embroidery Italy red thread, silk, stranded perlé cotton
Brazilian embroidery Brazil Rayon thread
Bulgarian embroidery Bulgaria Wool thread, silk thread, golden thread

What city is famous for embroidery?

Farrukhabad city is famous for embroidery which Known for its most beautiful handwork royal embroidery, this embroidery is done mostly on all type of fabric and zardozi is a global rage.

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