What is the significance of the long strands of hanging beads on the Yoruba crown?

What is the significance of beads in Yoruba art?

There is a popular belief in Yoruba land that “it is the beads that make the buttocks to shake.” Spiritual Protection – the Orisas, devotees of water deities and priestesses wear waist beads as a means of protection from malicious water spirits. They also wear waist beads to adorn their dress regalia.

What does the imagery on the Oba’s beaded veil represent in Yoruba culture?

“The Yoruba of Nigeria have this tradition for many centuries of making these beaded crowns which are the preeminent symbol of kingship. … But at the same time, the color white was also very symbolically meaningful to the Yoruba—it is the color of purity, it is the color of spirituality.

What do birds symbolize in Yoruba culture?

These birds signify a divine force called áshe (ah-SHE)—the power to make things happen—which only the highest Yoruba men and women possess. The birds connote the áshe of the king and of a group of elderly women called “the mothers” who support him.

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What is the Oba’s crown and tunic made out of?

The Oba is at the centre of the composition and the largest of the five figures. He is wearing a crown and a tunic of woven red coral beads. Coral was rare and valuable and obtained by trade from as far away as the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the significance of beads in Yoruba Art quizlet?

The Yoruba beaded crown is the most important symbol of Yoruba kingship. The crown is a carefully constructed cone of beads with a fringe that covers the wearer’s face. The purpose of the crown is to eliminate the individuals’ personality and to supplant it with the divine power of the dynasty.

What do you do if someone touches your elekes?

Elekes can not be touched by anyone except for priests, and if they are touched, the person touching them must clean them. The beads all have different meanings and represent different divinities of Ifa.

What is the purpose of the beaded veil on the beaded Yoruba crown from Africa?

The beaded veil that hangs down from the headdress is an important part of the crown. By covering the king’s face, the veil downplays the king’s identity as an individual and reinforces his role as divine leader. The veil is also said to protect onlookers from the king’s powerful gaze.

What beaded object has great importance in Yoruba culture?

A beaded cone-shaped crown with a long fringe of beads that covers the wearer’s face is the most important symbol of Yoruba kingship. Beaded crowns signify that the king-wearer can trace his ancestry to Odudua, the mythical founder of the sixteen original Yoruba kingdoms.

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What purpose does a crown serve to Yoruba rulers?

A Yoruba king’s crown identifies the status of its wearer and gives the king the power to interact with the spirit world in order to benefit his people. A veil, a large face, and a group of birds are SYMBOLS that commonly appear on a Yoruba king’s crown.

How is symbolism used in the Yoruba beaded crown to influence its meaning?

Arts of Africa. This beaded crown is the ultimate symbol of Yoruba kingship. … Worn by an oba, or king, this crown with its beaded veil serves to depersonalize the man and instead emphasizes his office. It also protects onlookers from the danger of casting their eyes directly upon the divine presence of the oba.