What is the size of scrapbook paper?

What is the largest size of scrapbook paper?

Scrapbooking paper is sold in several sizes. The most common are the standard 8 1/2-by-11 inch and the 12-inch-square sizes. Many scrapbooking albums are sold in these sizes or with inserts that accommodate these paper sizes.

Is scrapbook paper and cardstock the same?

Though some cardstock papers can (and do) have patterns, they are a bit different than patterned scrapbook paper. Cardstock is typically heavier and thicker than patterned paper, tends to have more texture, and is more likely to be embossed.

What weight is craft paper?

Most of the American Crafts and Bazzill cardstock sold at 12×12 Cardstock Shop is 80 lb cover.

What is thick paper called?

Cardstock is sometimes called pasteboard or cover stock and is often used as a heavy paper option. 12pt card stock is a more durable and much thicker than ordinary printing paper or writing paper. 12pt Cardstock is also more versatile than other kinds of paperboard of a similar size.

Do you need cardstock for scrapbooking?

Cardstock is a staple in scrapbooking. One can hardly go wrong with card stock. … Even so, card stock is still used extensively to mix with patterned papers as they both work fabulously well together. It’s undeniably one of the must-have scrapbooking supplies.

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