What shapes do mosaics use?

What style are mosaics?

There are really only five basic types of mosaic art: Classical, Organic, Industrial, Artisanal, and Prefabricated Custom Inserts. Most other types can fall neatly into any one of these five main types of mosaic art.

What is a mosaic person?

Mosaicism is when a person has 2 or more genetically different sets of cells in their body. Chromosomes are stick-shaped structures in the middle of each cell in the body. Each cell has 46 chromosomes grouped in 23 pairs. A person with mosaicism may have some cells in their body with 46 chromosomes.

Where are mosaics usually used?

Mosaics are usually used for floors, ceilings, or wall surfaces.

What are the most popular tile shapes?

While equilateral triangle tiles are most common, you can also choose from right triangles, obtuse triangles, acute triangles… we won’t give you a full geometry lesson, but you get the point!

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