What should I watch while crocheting?

Why is crocheting bad?

Unlike it’s refined sister craft, knitting, crochet isn’t suitable for anything fine and lovely, due to its basic flaws, which are: 1) heaviness 2) poor drape 3) stiff fabric and 4) inaptitude for fine shaping. … Many a good knitter becomes fairly adept with the hook, usually in order to making edgings on sweaters.

Can you crochet while walking?

once you get your balance right, and get used to the movement of the walking or cycling, you can crochet quite well.

Is crocheting good for your brain?

Studies have shown that among older people, those who knit or crochet had a decreased chance of age-related cognitive impairment or memory loss. … It suggests that crafts like this help the brain create and maintain the neural pathways that keep the mind and memory sharp.

Can you crochet with your eyes closed?

Sometimes you need a pattern that is quick, easy and almost mindless. These patterns are so ridiculously easy, I bet you could finish them with your eyes closed! …

Can you knit while watching TV?

The trick to binge-watching and knitting: don’t watch something that will take your mind off knitting. Similarly, don’t knit something that will distract you from the show. … We combine projects and TV shows as carefully as oenophiles obsess about wine pairings.

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