Why are curved seams often clipped?

Why should you clip a curved seam?

Clipping the excess around a curve eliminates the bulk and creates a smooth outer edge while maintaining the curved shape. In garment sewing, the curve around a neckline is an inward curve. If you measure the length of the seam compared to the length of the curve, you’ll discover the seam is longer.

What is a curved seam used for?

Curved Seams are when the fold or line is curved, like Princess seams. They add tailored fit or shape to garment. When constructing a curved seam, fabric must be evenly slashed and pulled along the seam to allow it to follow the curve desired.

What is the difference between clipping and notching?

Notching is similar to clipping, but instead of taking a single snip out of the fabric, you cut out a small amount of fabric. Notching is used on convex curves and exterior corners because the seam allowance is larger than the space it will be turned into.

What does clip mean in sewing terms?

A clip is a snip towards the stitching and a notch is a v-shaped (wedge) cut out towards the stitching. To get the best result, cut close to the stitch line but not through. Notch. A notch can also mean a marking on the pattern to help align two pieces. You can often find notches on a long seam or curved pattern pieces …

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What does clip the corners mean?

to do something in the easiest, cheapest, or fastest way: I don’t like to cut corners when I have company for dinner. (Definition of cut corners from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What does it mean to grade a seam?

The tutorial mentions that seam grading is like stair-stepping. It is the process of turning a standard seam allowance into layered tiers of fabric. The result is less bulk, which means a smoother finish from the right side. … Some people are reluctant to grade because they feel it will weaken the seam.