Your question: How do you sew smooth darts?

How do you get darts to lay flat?

And marking the end of the dart 1cm back from the point also allows us to curve or “stitch into the dart” by extending the stitching line almost parallel to the edge of the fabric. This reduces the angle that the sewing line hits the folded edge of the dart and means the end of dart will lay flat and not dimple.

Why are my darts puckering?

Stitch from the dart leg ends (widest point) to the end point. Backstitch as you begin stitching, but don’t backstitch at the end of the point. Sometimes this can cause puckering if it’s not done absolutely perfect. … Pin horizontally across the dart so that it’s easy to remove the pins as you sew.

What is used to press the dart?

For a vertical dart, like a waist or contour dart, you press it toward the side seam. For a somewhat horizontal dart, like a bust dart, you press it down toward the waist. In order to properly press a dart, it’s really best to use a pressing ham .

What is dart game?

Darts, indoor target game played by throwing feathered darts at a circular board with numbered spaces. The game became popular in English inns and taverns in the 19th century and increasingly so in the 20th. … Throwing is free-style.

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