How do I knit a pocket?

How many stitches do you need for a pocket?

For example: If your gauge is 5 sts per inch and 6.5 rows per inch, you’ll cast on (or pick up) about 25 sts and work about 32 rows to make a 5″ square pocket (5″ x 5 sts/inch = 25, 5″ x 6.5 rows/inch = 32.5).

How do you put a pocket in knitting?

Work to the location of the pocket opening, place the number of stitches needed for the width of your pocket onto a holder, then cast on the same number of stitches and continue with the garment. For the lining, work the held stitches in stockinette stitch to the desired pocket depth and bind off.

How do you knit seam pockets?

How to sew in-seam pockets in knit fabrics

  1. Attach the pocket pieces. Attach the pockets pieces to the garment using a serger/stretch seam.
  2. Sew the side and pocket seams. Now sew the entire side seam AND the outer pocket seam in one continuous move. …
  3. Sew the opening seams. …
  4. Finished.
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