How do I remove my sewing machine cover?

How do you take apart a Pfaff sewing machine?

How to Take Apart a Pfaff Sewing Machine

  1. Step 1: Remove the top cover. …
  2. Step 2: Remove the set screws for the front cover. …
  3. ​Step 3: remove the screw located at the bottom center. …
  4. ​Step 4: Removing the bottom cover means you have to take the top and back cover off first.

What holds the bobbin while it winds?

Bobbin spindle– holds the bobbin while it winds. Bobbin winder tension- provides tension on the thread when the bobbin winds.

What is used to oil the moving parts of a sewing machine?

To apply, use one hand to turn the hand wheel back and forth, and see where the moving parts touch and friction is created – this is where you need to oil. Put a tiny bit of sewing machine oil on these moving parts and really make sure it is sewing oil specifically. Your machine may come with a small oil container.

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