What is a continuous embroidery hoop?

What is an endless hoop in embroidery?

The Endless Hoop differs from standard embroidery hoops in that the inner hoop and outer hoop are connected together on one side with a hinge. A lever at the front is used to raise and lower the inner hoop so you can move the fabric and stabilizer into position for the next repeat of the border being stitched.

How do you use the grid on an embroidery hoop?

How to use the hoop grid sheet

  1. Mark a mark with a chalk pen at the center of the position for the pattern to be embroidered.
  2. Place the embroidery sheet on the inner frame.
  3. Line the mark on the fabric up with the base line on the embroidery sheet.

What is endless embroidery Bernina?

The BERNINA 7 and 8 Series sewing and embroidery machines have Endless Embroidery. Endless Embroidery is a feature that has the ability to set the number of repeats desired for the particular hoop that you are using. Designs can be resized so that the number will be stitched in one hoop.

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