Which type of cloth is used in Chamba embroidery?

Which fabric is used for Chamba embroidery?

The basic fabric used to embroider a Chamba rumal was hand spun, hand-woven cloth called khadi. It was woven in many villages in India and became the ‘fabric of freedom’ as a political activity after a call by Mahatma Gandhi during India’s movement for Independence from British rule.

What type of design is taken for Chamba work?

Chamba rumals were usually elaborate compositions on cotton fabrics embroidered with untwisted silk yarns in gay and harmonious colors. The early designs were folk and later with development of pahari miniature paintings, the embroidery in miniature style developed which was widely practiced.

What is a rumal used for?

The rumal (coverlet) was traditionally square or rectangular in shape, and made of silk or fine cotton. They were often used to cover wedding gifts. Silk thread was used for the embroidery itself.

Which are the four main stitches of Kasuti embroidery?

There are four types of stitches in Kasuti embroidery: the gavanti or double running stitch, the muragi or zig zag running stitch, the neygi or darning stitch and henthe or cross stitch. The menthe is used to embroider the background designs.

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What is the Chamba?

Chamba is the northwestern district of Himachal Pradesh, in India, with its headquarters in Chamba town. The towns of Dalhousie, Khajjhiar and Churah Valley are popular hill stations and vacation spots for the people from the plains of northern India.

Which stitches are used in Manipuri embroidery?

Mostly Romanian Stitches are used along with couching stitches. Satin stitches are also used sometimes. COLOURS: The colours mostly used in embroidery are white, black, red, green and yellow.

Which thread is used in Chamba Rumal embroidery?

The fabric used to make the Chamba rumal was hand-spun or hand-woven unbleached thin muslin or malmal. The thread used for the embroidery was untwisted silken yarn, which, in the do-rukha stitch used in Chamba embroidery, has a three-dimensional effect, creating tones of light and shade.

What is the Speciality of Chamba Rumal?

The Chamba Rumal or Chamba handkerchief is an embroidered handicraft that was once promoted under the patronage of the former rulers of Chamba kingdom.

Chamba Rumal
Description Handicraft
Type Embroidery
Area Himachal Pradesh
Country India

What is Manipuri embroidery?

Embroidery:- Manipur has a unique type of embroidery that uses one stitch, in deference to the weavers in the area. This is done in dark matching shade with untwisted silk thread on the border of the phanek (a lungi or lower body wrap worn by women). Colors in dark red, plum or chocolate are usually used.

Which saree is famous in Himachal Pradesh?

Himalayan – Kulluvi Pattu is the traditional form of woolen sari worn in Himachal Pradesh, similar variation is also worn in Uttarakhand.

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What is the famous food in Himachal Pradesh?

Top 10 Traditional Food of Himachal Pradesh

  • Chana Madra. It consists chickpeas soaked mostly overnight and vegetables which is seasoned with spices and cooked in oil. …
  • Dhaam. …
  • Tudkiya Bhath. …
  • Bhey. …
  • Chha Gosht. …
  • Siddu. …
  • Babru. …
  • Aktori.