How do you line a round crochet bag?

How do you sew a lining into a bag or crochet pouch?

Press with an iron to hold in place. Place the lining inside the bag with wrong sides out. If you have them on hand, use sewing pins to hold the lining in place. Using your needle and thread, stitch the lining to the top of the bag using small running stitches.

What is a drop-in lining?

A drop-in liner is fabricated from lining material and then shipped to the installation site with the intent of keeping a surface from getting wet or to keep the surfaces moisture-free. A lining is a layer of material on the inner surface of something, usually for protection or decorative appearance.

Can you use a sewing machine on crochet?

A basic sewing machine will work for joining knit/crochet items as long as it has the capability of making an adjustable zig-zag stitch. It helps if you can adjust the pressure on the presser foot of your sewing machine. That can be really helpful with some thicker knit/crochet yarns.

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