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Save Those Batting Scraps! How To Use Fusible Batting Tape

Do you have a bunch of odd shaped batting pieces laying around? If you’re anything like us over here at Lindy J Quilts, you probably have a big box full of not-quite-big-enough batting left over […]

Ignoring Fabric Grain Bias? A What NOT to Do in Quilting

If you’re new to quilting, you may be asking: “What in the heck is Fabric Bias and why should I even care????”  Let me tell you, fabric bias is sneaky and it can RUIN your quilt. “’Ruin a quilt,’ seriously, Jenn? Why so dramatic??” you […]

How to Make a Hexagon Quilt – A Free Tutorial

Check out our Red White and Blue Hexagon Baby Quilt! Today’s post features a Hexagon Quilt Tutorial and lots of pictures of our finished hexagon baby quilt. We are really excited about this Red, White, […]